Why Stage?

Staging is a smart investment, whether you are a homeowner, realtor or investor. Staging is an essential element of marketing a property, regardless of the market conditions. Industry studies repeatedly show that the fee for this service is recouped by a higher sales price and less time spent on the market. Professionally staged homes spend 67% less time on the market and sell for an average of 3% more than homes that have not been staged.

People buy with emotion. Buyers make a decision about whether or not they like a house within the first moments of being inside it. This is a short and critical window to make an excellent impression. However, walking in the door won’t necessarily be their first impression. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of all buyers start their search on the Internet, looking at online photos. If the photos aren’t appealing the buyer will simply click to the next listing, giving you one less opportunity to sell your home.

staging is smart. period.